Litamorphosis is a scientific, educational, and literary publishing house, that publishes the books, manuals and teaching material of the VEITH R+D Agency for the VEITH Institut and the VEITH University and the physical and virtual products of the rest of the entities of the VEITH Group.


The VEITH Method, developed by the German educational thinker and linguist Dr. Daniel Veith, reflects its essence and acquires its unity, coherence and physical form in its teaching material.


The design of the books is austere, there are no colors or pictures, and drawings are integrated only in contexts where they are strictly necessary for the purpose of the corresponding exercise. It is a material that is in constant development and that has been constantly perfected to reach its current format since its first use in 2001.


Given that it has been created entirely by only one person, it exhibits a world view and uniformity in the speech that no other teaching model or set of text books can compete with globally.



A reference for the study of languages in Spain and Latin America




VEITH Group Headquarters – 85, St. John Street – Valletta – VLT 1165 – Malta

VEITH Group Information Office Spain – Andrés Mellado, 31 – 28015 Madrid – Spain

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